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How many of us have had the urge to jump into a cool swimming pool or a local lake just to scorch the heat on a hot summer’s day? Swimming is by the far the most relaxing and refreshing sport or exercise anyone can do. But do we really know the benefits of swimming and safety that is possibly involved? Well let’s dive right in then!

For years men, women and children have been fascinated by these cool waters. Even in ancient times relics of swimming pools have been recorded to be used by the most elite to even public pools. It was not until the 18th century that swimming become a competitive sport and a popular one at that. But why are we so fascinated with the wet stuff? Probably because it is a sport that almost anyone can do and it is widely universal. Perhaps because many physicians advice patients to try a swimming exercise since it is a low impact work out. Either way it is fun, fun, fun! Here are some benefits that come with adding water aerobics to your workout routine or day in the sun.

Whole Body Workout

Unlike other exercises which only engage some parts of your body, swimming causes your whole body to get moving. You work all your muscles and it requires both upper and lower body strength. Many swimmers don’t even realize that they are involving so many of their muscle groups since every movement seems so effortless. This is why it recommended for elder patients or patients with injuries or certain disabilities.


Many of us probably don’t have the luxury of owning our own swimming pool but not to worry many areas offer access to local swimming pools. You can even choose to swim either outside or indoors. Many facilities offer a reasonable membership fee to use their pools and if indoor pools are available you swim all throughout the year and in any season.

Work At Your Own Pace

It doesn’t matter if you’re training for the aquatic Olympics or you just want to try something new you tailor this exercise to fit your body. If you choose to opt for a higher intense workout then try swimming laps back and forth which get the heart rate up and engages all your muscles. If you choose something more low impact then try easy level water aerobics. More than likely the facility that you choose to use their pools will have a water aerobics program. Many instructors offer classes for all age groups such babies and all the way to seniors.

Despite this being a wonderful sport or exercise there are some safety guidelines that everyone should follow before jumping in.

NEVER SWIM ALONE! Always to try have a swimming buddy with you just in case of an emergency

  • Swim only in designated areas and if swimming in a public place make sure there are lifeguards on duty
  • Never swim when you are tired since you are more likely to develop muscle cramps
  • Never swim in murky or unknown water
  • Obey all safety rules given by your swimming facility
  • Supervise all children or elderly
  • Make sure children have taken swimming courses or are accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Make sure life jackets are worn when swimming in open water
  • Do not swim while intoxicated or dehydrated
  • To prevent dehydration make sure to drink plenty of fluids and only swim when sun rays are not at their strongest
  • If pool water gives off a strong chlorine smell chances are that there are too many chemicals in the water or a high level of bacteria growth
  • Swim only when water smells clean or has little to no odor
  • To prevent swimmer’s ear try wearing a swimming cap or water ear plugs


Finally just have fun and stay safe and make sure others around you are safe as well. Get involved in your community and see how many aquatic activities are available near you. Go on and make a SPLASH!